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    • You may be in the midst of your cycling years, but you're feeling depleted and not yourself. Or, maybe you're on the precipice of menopause feeling confused, disoriented, or even like you're stuck in PMS! I can so relate. We live in a culture that doesn't acknowledge or support the unique needs of women. You deserve the support that will reconnect you to your feminine super powers!

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      It doesn’t matter where you are, or where you’ve been. One thing is certain...you are a beautiful, magnificent, courageous and unique expression of Divine love.

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      The Light at the end of the tunnel.

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      Calm your fears, and ignite your spirit to

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      The biggest challenge with job transition is isolation. Give yourself the gift of being in community with others that can relate to what you're going through.

      Wise Mama Connection

      We live in a culture that doesn't support moms through the incredible changes motherhood brings. Do you ever feel that you're expected to show up at work and at home as "business as usual" once you're pregnant or a mother? Come gather with other moms that can relate to what you're going through. Leave with a full heart and strengthened sense of your true self, courageous and non-negotiable self-care plan.

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      Past recorded shows of health, healing and resiliency during life's transitions.

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      Hello, I'm Terese. I'm an RN, Certified Life Coach, Certified in Holistic Studies, and a Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach.

      I'm honored you stopped by. I've gone through difficult transitions too and as a result, I'm stronger, and have the capacity and awareness to be more authentic in how I live my life. You don't need to walk this journey alone. One of the most challenging aspects of going through life transitions in our culture is...isolation. It's my passion to provide a safe, comforting and empowering place to land for women in transition. Come, let's see if we're a good fit. If not, I'll support you in discerning what is your next best step.

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      About Me

      In my mid-twenties, I went through a divorce with two young children, at my choosing. While I knew I had to do it, I was scared, overwhelmed and had no idea how things were going to work out. During this stressful time, I discovered the power of self-care in the form of regular exercise. This led to being inspired to eat healthier. I soon discovered that self-care connected me to my True Self - the love, peace, calm and joy that is naturally within all of us when connected to the Divine or God within.


      Taking time for myself for the first time since becoming a mother, I soon discovered my passion for anything health related - psychology, spirituality and holistic health. This then led me to the fields of nursing, coaching and the study and practice of holistic and integrative health.


      The benefits of regular self-care practices allowed me to understand and live from my True Self - centered and grounded in who I was and what mattered most to me. I am forever grateful for how it allowed me to be more present and patient with my children, to cope with the ongoing challenges of co-parenting and a greater skillfulness in navigating work/life balance as a single parent. When centered and grounded, I could respond to what was happening within and around me, rather than react to it.


      Life is constant change, so we're always going through some level of transition- the psychological and emotional adjustment to the way things are. However as women, we also live in a largely masculine culture that doesn't acknowledge the unique needs and power of the feminine energy, biology and psyche....and that affects everyone.


      In the last 30 years + years, it's become a norm that women are working in and outside of the home in greater numbers. At any given time, there are women in every workplace that are navigating hormonal fluctuations unique to women. Whether that's due to inner energy and mood fluctuations - whether they cycling, pregnant, lactating, peri-menopausal or post-menopausal.

        In my coaching with new mothers, I see that manifesting in various ways - dThat often equates to women n some way when they find themselves struggling with fluctuations in energy, mood and Cycling women are left to manage the ongoing fluctuations of their inner needs as women face whether the monthly to help people navigate times of transition and we're often left thinking we're somewhat of a failure if we're struggling through it. That's the farthest from the truth!


      The real gift of life's transitions is the opportunity to see more clearly the things that aren't serving us, to shed more and more of all that we're not. It's during life transitions that we find ourselves in new territory, often out of our comfort zone, and suffering. When this happens, it takes immense courage to sink into the feelings and listen to what is wanting to be heard and seen now within us. In this process lies the gift of new awareness and insights and an opening of new choices to act congruently with the sweet song of your soul in all aspects of your life.


      For the past few decades, my self-care practices haven't made me immune to life challenges; rather they continue to give me the mindset, tools and inner resources to navigate them. We are meant to grow and evolve. The ego part of us doesn't like that so much, since it fears change and has many sneaky strategies to try to keep us safe. it is however, our soul's desire to grow throughout our lifetime. And when connected to our soul, it feels that even during difficult times, all is well and in divine order.


      It is my joy to work with the most amazing clients who courageously heed the call that life transitions bring to live more authentically with more meaning, purpose, love, peace and joy.


      Click on the link below to schedule a session with me today to see if we're a good fit. Regardless of your decision, I trust that you'll leave with a new sense of clarity on the next best step for you.




      Let's chat today so you to can get started on living your best life!

      If You're Interested in My Studies

      National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

      Advanced MindBody Medicine - The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

      Certified Physician Development Coach - Physician Coaching Institute

      The Art of Convening - Heartland

      Certified Life Coach and Executive Coach Training - Newfield Network

      Spiritually-based Life Coach - Coach for Life

      Certified Health & Wellness Counselor - St. Catherine University, Holistic Studies Program

      Registered Nurse - 28 years

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