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      Participant Testimonials

      Cindy Child-Hager

      What I found most beneficial in the program was that it helped me to gain clarity and momentum in my job search. Family issues had been impacting my available time and energy, and the program gave me effective ways to deal with that while staying on track with my job search.


      Meeting each week with the group helped me to stay focused and to more easily identify the most critical activities for me to accomplish. The people in the group had similar life situations and were able to share their perspective, which was a helpful experience.


      Through my work in the program, I was able to clarify my desire to start my own business, and I am now a full-time student in an entrepreneurship certificate program in order to achieve that goal."

      Mike L.

      “Being a part of the Empowering Jobs Transition Group gave me a better sense of the job environment. It also gave me the chance to view my efforts in the broader context of other professionals. We shared our unique experiences, and mistakes, in a relatable, encouraging environment. It helped me focus on reality and on one task at a time. I was able to dig into issues I was struggling with that I was avoiding on my own. We helped each other - which allowed me to focus on my own issues, and share successes - thereby giving me renewed hope, focus and direction.


      Terese is a fantastic listener. She is able to discern the real issues that are keeping people stuck, bringing more awareness and ability to take action. What I didn’t expect is that I lost 16 lbs in 2 months by starting and sticking to a regular exercise practice thanks to Terese’s building blocks to optimal health that we addressed at the onset of the program. I now look forward to this practice to keep me focused and centered.”




      Tim Voit



      “I joined the Empowered Job Transitions Group because I was stuck in my job search and really was lacking a routine and the energy needed to keep moving forward. During the weekly calls I was able to get coached on the issues I was dealing with that week. I then committed to an action plan and was held accountable. As I worked my plan, I became more focused on the direction I wanted to go in my career.

      I was really trying to figure out if I should keep trying to find a job back in my industry or go another direction. I couldn’t move forward with a new business opportunity that I was contemplating, LegalShield. Terese shared her story about how she had just decided to use the same service that I was thinking about selling. Something shifted for me when she coached me on my decision and had me see that I would be doing a disservice if I did not share this information with people.


      Four months later I am working full-time in the business. I have a clear understanding of why I am doing this and it has created a sense of excitement, purpose and peace in my life. I help people worry less and live more. Thank you Terese for helping me push through my fears to take the plunge.”

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