• Empowered Job Transition

      A unique program that provides for the needs of the whole person during job transition.

    • Give Yourself the Gift of Pause

      Let's face it, job loss can be stressful. A common response is to jump into action to get the next job. However, when we don't take time to pause and reflect and heal...the lessons and blessings of the transition are often missed.

      Connect to Your Inner Wisdom

      Let me guide you through a process that will calm your fears and breathe life into your hopes and dreams for your life...so the next stop on your vocational journey will be meaningful, rewarding and suited

      to your unique gifts, talents and experience.

      The Power of Community

      There is nothing like being in community with others sharing a similar experience to realize you're not alone. This normalizes your day-to-day challenges, transforming feelings of isolation, confusion and overwhelm into connection, clarity and confidence.


    • Program Highlights and Details

      The Empowered Job Transition Track

      Job loss can be overwhelming, disorienting and confusing. And why wouldn’t it be? It affects every domain of our life. This program was inspired by my experience of going through several layoffs, and coaching many others experiencing the same.


      There are many losses that come with the loss of work - loss of income, community, structure and sense of purpose. I learned that this multitude of losses generates many emotions...leading to overwhelm and confusion. I have found to be the primary reason why people feel stuck and struggle to make consistent progress. It can feel like you’re on an emotional roller-coaster. It doesn’t have to be this way!


      This program gives you the tools, resources and support (both inner and outer) to address these issues in a safe environment. It provides guidance with a whole-person approach so you can feel like yourself again.


      6-week Program Format

      • An initial 90 minute Coaching Foundation session with Terese to gain clarity on who you are, what you value and how you thrive.

      • Initial 2 hour in-person group kick-off session - starting 1st week in May

      • Followed by 90 minute conference call sessions for 5 weeks

      • Unlimited email support in-between sessions with Terese

      • Buddy Coach

      • Private Facebook Group page to share challenges and successes with group member

      Each week you will:
      • Have ongoing learning from the 3 Keys to Landing Your Ideal Job format
      • Check-in with how your daily self-care is going
      • Share your successes and challenges from the week
      • Coaching from Terese to support you in gaining clarity, insight and guidance right where you need it
      • Get to benefit from listening to your peers getting coached for what they need to move forward
      • Valuable feedback and insight from your peers when desired
      • Design a Holistic Action Plan (includes your personal and professional needs) for the week
      • Having the support, resources and tools to create a customized self-care plan to keep you grounded and centered during this time and beyond - generating the outcomes of your dreams

      • You wake up every morning with peace of mind knowing that you have a plan and purpose for each day

      • You feel a renewed sense of trust in the unfolding process, lessons and blessings of this transition

      • You land your Ideal Job!

      My unique approach is meant for people who want their work in the world to be a reflection of their authentic self. We are all capable of making the biggest contribution in the world when we share our unique gifts and talents. That's also when we are most at peace, content and growing into more and more of who we really are. Making a difference in the lives of others is a fundamental need of being human. I know in every fiber my being that you have unique gifts that the world needs. Let's work together so we can unleash your unique soul song!
      Job loss can is a wonderful time to reflect on what matters most to you. An opportunity to regroup, rejuvenate, and restore. However, most people struggle with this step because of the loss of income. In fact, I personally know what it's like to feel like you should always be doing something. And, yet if you're not clear, confident and centered, you end up not being or feeling very productive.
      Using a whole-person approach, this program meets you where you're at related to your unique experience with job loss. The process of pausing before rushing into action is the most difficult for us to do when our sense of security is at stake. And yet, if we aren't tending to the emotional impact of our experience, we will often end up stuck and feeling as if we're floundering. There is a better way!

      In order to find a job that honors your authentic self - career and life must be integrated.

      The 3 Key Steps for Landing Your Ideal Job will be integrated throughout the program

      • Pause: a time of reflection, assessment and honoring wherever you are in the process of job loss. This will take into account various experiences. There can be a lot of emotions during this time and this step will focus on healing, and beginning the self-care practices that will help you get grounded and centered - which is where you can get in touch with your inner voice about what matters most to you, what you value and what the next steps are.

      • Prepare: this step includes all of the practical aspects of a job search, such as updating your resume, LinkedIn and deciding on the people you'll want to contact for networking.

      • Present: this step is all about becoming visible! We'll spend time making sure you're comfortable presenting your best self - both the inner (your energy) and your outer presence. At this point in the program you're going to feel confident and ready to meet with people with excitement since you'll be grounded in the clarity and sense of purpose that comes from knowing what you want!

      • All of the program sessions and content are holistic - honoring the whole person.

      • Review of fundamental self-care practices for body, mind, emotion and soul that connect you to your authentic self and keep you grounded and centered.

      • A systematic, yet fluid process (customized to the group's needs) that will allow you to gain clarity on who you are, what you want, and the confidence and contentment that comes from feeling like you're right where you need to be.

      • You'll have the tools to manage your energy and time in a way that has you feel more productive in your job search, and allows you to enjoy your downtime with peace of mind.

      • Communication skill training that will build greater self-awareness and capacity in making requests, offers and promises - enhancing the quality of your relationships and results in your life more aligned with your vision.

      • Throughout the process, be guided to listen for the gifts and lessons of this transition and how that can inform and enrich your life and work.

      • Each participant will receive coaching from me. This is always a beautiful dynamic where learning happens for all whether listening or being coached! This vital coaching will help expand self-awareness and generate lots of ah-ha moments!

      • A safe space to be wherever you are at any given time - fully held in your true magnificence.

      • Home-play requests that will keep you moving you forward on your vision and what matters most to you.

      • Spontaneous laughter and FUN with great people!

      • Scroll up and click on the link to my calendar to schedule a Free Discovery Session with me to see if this is the right fit for you!


    • Empowered Job Transition

      Participant Testimonials

      Cindy Child-Hager

      What I found most beneficial in the program was that it helped me to gain clarity and momentum in my job search. Family issues had been impacting my available time and energy, and the program gave me effective ways to deal with that while staying on track with my job search.


      Meeting each week with the group helped me to stay focused and to more easily identify the most critical activities for me to accomplish. The people in the group had similar life situations and were able to share their perspective, which was a helpful experience.


      Through my work in the program, I was able to clarify my desire to start my own business, and I am now a full-time student in an entrepreneurship certificate program in order to achieve that goal."

      Mike L.

      “Being a part of the Empowering Jobs Transition Group gave me a better sense of the job environment. It also gave me the chance to view my efforts in the broader context of other professionals. We shared our unique experiences, and mistakes, in a relatable, encouraging environment. It helped me focus on reality and on one task at a time. I was able to dig into issues I was struggling with that I was avoiding on my own. We helped each other - which allowed me to focus on my own issues, and share successes - thereby giving me renewed hope, focus and direction.


      Terese is a fantastic listener. She is able to discern the real issues that are keeping people stuck, bringing more awareness and ability to take action. What I didn’t expect is that I lost 16 lbs in 2 months by starting and sticking to a regular exercise practice thanks to Terese’s building blocks to optimal health that we addressed at the onset of the program. I now look forward to this practice to keep me focused and centered.”




      Tim Voit



      “I joined the Empowered Job Transitions Group because I was stuck in my job search and really was lacking a routine and the energy needed to keep moving forward. During the weekly calls I was able to get coached on the issues I was dealing with that week. I then committed to an action plan and was held accountable. As I worked my plan, I became more focused on the direction I wanted to go in my career.

      I was really trying to figure out if I should keep trying to find a job back in my industry or go another direction. I couldn’t move forward with a new business opportunity that I was contemplating, LegalShield. Terese shared her story about how she had just decided to use the same service that I was thinking about selling. Something shifted for me when she coached me on my decision and had me see that I would be doing a disservice if I did not share this information with people.


      Four months later I am working full-time in the business. I have a clear understanding of why I am doing this and it has created a sense of excitement, purpose and peace in my life. I help people worry less and live more. Thank you Terese for helping me push through my fears to take the plunge.”

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