• Wise Mama

      Connect to your soul, and true self through the power of self-care and feminine community.

    • A New Day is Dawning

      We are experiencing an awakening of the feminine energy all around us. Becoming a mother in a masculine world (with a focus on doing over being) can be disorienting and exhausting. It's time for mothers to get the support they yearn for and deserve...within a loving, supportive community.


      Taking time for rest, renewal and rejuvenation are essential self-love practices that reconnect you to your soul where love,

      peace and joy reside within you.


      What are you feeling called to at this time?


      Connect in community with other beautiful

      wise women.

    • Self-care for the Mama Soul

      Program Highlights and Details

      You will feel deeply heard and seen. You will be honored and affirmed wherever you are and however you feel. Together we will create a sacred space for each woman to be. Together we'll share challenges and celebrations, break-downs and break-throughs. We'll review self-care practices designed to support your connection to your inner wisdom, peace, love, strength and joy.


      We will meet for 6-8 weeks virtually over Zoom in the comfort of your home.


      If you're interested in participating, please set up a 15 minute appointment with me on the Inquiry Appointment link above to see if this is a good fit for you.


      Program starting soon.


      You deserve this.

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