• Wise Women Gather

      Are you yearning for real connection with other women during these challenging times?

    • A New Day is Dawning

      We are experiencing an awakening of the feminine energy all around us. Culturally we've given more credence to masculine energy, that of "doing", and not enough of the feminine energy of "being". We need a balance of both for a healthy whole.


      The pandemic is revealing many things - in part, that we've been going at a pace that isn't sustainable for the well-being of humanity, and the planet.



      Come to our first gathering, free of cost. We'll connect, listen how each is being impacted by the changes - both challenges and silver linings - and talk about what you need most moving forward. I'll also guide you through a mindfulness meditation - a liberating practice that can connect you to the true wholesome qualities within you of equanimity, peace, wisdom and joy.


      At the end of the first call, I will talk about an offer to continue meeting over the following 6 weeks to:

      - Discuss self-care practices to help you stay centered and grounded during this unprecedented time

      - Listen to what you're learning through this experience

      - Expand your capacity to be with what is

      - Reflect on what it means for you to live more authentically now and in the future


      What does the 6 week Wise Women Gather Program cost? You decide. That's right!


      Some of you are experiencing a financial hardship at this time due to a loss or reduced work, and some are not. You give what will make you happy, not stressed, no questions asked.


      In order for everyone on the call to truly be seen and heard, space in the program will be limited to people that can commit to the sessions, so we can be and grow together as a group.


      If you're interested in attending the first call, Wednesday, May 6th at 6:30 PM CT, let me know at terese@coachterese.com and I will forward you the link.



      Taking time for rest, renewal and rejuvenation are essential self-love practices that reconnect you to your soul where love,

      peace and joy reside within you.


      What are you feeling called to at this time?


      Connect in community with other beautiful

      wise women.

    • Self-care for the Feminine Soul

      Program Highlights and Details

      You will feel deeply heard and seen. You will be honored and affirmed wherever you are and however you feel. Together we will create a sacred space for each woman to be. Together we'll share challenges and celebrations, break-downs and break-throughs. We'll review self-care practices designed to support your connection to your inner wisdom, peace, love, strength and joy.


      We will meet for 6 weeks virtually over Zoom in the comfort of your home May 6th - June 10th.


      You deserve this.

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